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Do you find it hard to buy floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can use while taking a bath and a shower? If you love listening to music, our latest product called S-Bubble2 suits to you. We found out that most of people today are music lovers. The generation of people who love listening on different songs. Through using our latest product, you can now listen to your favorite songs while taking a bath or having fun in the water. Slive is very proud to launch our latest product that will transform people’s lives.

Our S-Bubble2 suits to people who are music lovers. We believe that by means of using our product, more people can acquire memorable and stunning experiences. We understand well that more people want listening to songs while taking a bath. S-Bubble2 is a stunning product that works well. It is a floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It has stunning waterproof system that enables it to float when you put it in your bathtub.

At Slive, you are guaranteed to acquire stunning and great products that will help you acquire more enjoyable bathing time while listening to your favorite songs. Our company continually aims for continuous innovation in order to meet and satisfy wants of all clients.

Aside from S-Bubble2, we also have Slive-4U. Slive -4U is a stunning product that you can use especially during emergency situations. It is a light weight and compact device which is easy and accessible to use. It is the best self-powered radio that you can use during emergency situations such as charging your phone, siren and listening to NOAA weather radio / emergency radio. It also is a crank power emergency flashlight, crank radio and AM/FM radio. It is perfect for your emergency kits

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