Best Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Slive is an engineering company famously known for developing very useful gadgets both for emergency use and leisure. The company has gone out of its way in numerous occasions producing some of the handiest gadgets conceivable. Read More

Enjoy Your Bath With The SliveDirect Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you are interested in enjoying your bath while listening to your favorite music, you will certainly enjoy the SliveDirect waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Read More

Splish Splash: S-Bubble, The Way To Enjoy Your Bath

Many of us enjoy listening to music in the shower or bath, but few have found a way to do so successfully. Audio equipment is not usually conducive to being around water and when it is, for example, a Bluetooth shower speaker and it is normally of low quality or audibility. Read More

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Bringing Your Music In The Shower

Bring your favorite music with you as you take a shower or lounge in the bathtub with your very own waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Slive, one of the leading companies when it comes to innovative engineering designs. Read More

Floating Bluetooth Speaker – Your Best Buddy For Summer Escapades

There are lots of Bluetooth speakers on the market today. They all promise to be durable without compromising sound and aesthetic qualities. Read More

S-Bubble From Slive: An Innovative Bluetooth Speaker

If you are on the lookout for best waterproof Bluetooth speaker available in the market today, you will be confronted with tons of alternatives, each claiming to be the best. Read More

5 Reasons Why S-Bubble Is The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to enjoy good music while in the shower or while having a relaxing dip at the pool, you should consider buying S-Bubble, a revolutionary waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Read More

S-Bubble, The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker On The Market

There are lots of Bluetooth shower speakers on the market today. They are designed to allow music lovers to enjoy music wherever they might be. Read More

Slive 4U The Best Emergency Crank Radio

When you are in the great outdoors, having a reliable radio means more than just contact with the outside world, it can provide you with important information about the changing weather in your location. Read More

Slive S-Bubble Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Finding a floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker has been made easier with the latest entrant into this market segment called the Slive S-Bubble. You can now leave all the hassles of bringing cables and wires with you to the bathroom for listening to music as you take a bath. Read More

S-Bubble: The Best Shower and Bath Bluetooth Speaker

Slive, a company with an impressive background in the production of highly innovative gadgets, has recently introduced S-Bubble, a state-of-the-art floating Bluetooth speaker. Read More

Slive Self Powered Radio Review

With most homes today connected to the power grid, electronics are the order of the day. Helping keep track of time, news as well as illuminating the dark. Read More

Slive-4U – Your Best Emergency Management Tool

It is very important for each and every person to completely understand that an emergency management it is highly essential regardless of the situation and location. There are various types of emergency situations which may impact the lives of individuals. Read More

Dependable Self Powered Radio

Traveling to the great outdoors may help you reconnect with Mother Nature but sometimes accidents can happen and unless you are equipped with GPS tracking device or have connection to the outside world through high powered gadgets,you’ll feel alone and out of touch and in desperate need of help. Read More

Self Powered Radio – What Every Emergency Kit Should Have

Emergencies can strike when you least expect it and although many feel that they can handle any kind of disaster because they have everything they need in their emergency kits, they find that there are some items that they are seriously lacking such as means of communication as well as light.Read More

Slive-4U: An All-in-One Portable Survival Kit

If you are ever stuck in an island and there is only one thing that you can bring, what would it be? Well, we recommend that you make sure you have the Slive-4U with you.Read More

Why You Must Have the Slive-4U Self Powered Radio

Slive-4U is the emergency radio yet, and you should add it to your emergency kit immediately. The following article will explain some of its main features and reasons why many survival kits now include this great device. Read More

Goo How Mommy and her Toddler love S-bubble?

For those mothers who find hard time and difficulty to put their toddler to tub, you don’t need to worry since S-bubble is the ultimate solution to your problem. It is a fact that S-bubble is an effective way to enjoy the bath experience of your little ones.Read More

Slive-4U Provides Excellent NOAA Weather Radio

Slive 4-U is light weight and compact device which is easy and accessible to use. Dimension of this product is 133mm x 77mm x 33mm or 5.2in x 3.0in x 1.3in. Net weight of this product is 244g. To buy this product is a smart choice that you must consider. Read More

Slive-4U Reviews!

Want to know what all the buzz is about concerning Slive-4U, the waterproof Bluetooth speaker and emergency radio? Then check out what reviewers have been saying (or in this case, writing): Read More

Slive-4U: Its Many Applications

Hailed as an “exclusive all-in-one device,” the Slive-4U Self-Powered Radio is an emergency crank radio that lends itself to a variety of applications. Let’s check out a few of those applications, all of which will inspire you to purchase this fantastic product today! Read More

When to Use Your Slive-4U Self-Powered Radio

When can you use your Slive-4U Self-Powered Radio, the best emergency radio and phone charger? Anytime! However, certain situations are ideal for utilizing this lightweight, highly portable device. Check it out: Read More

S-Power and iS-Power: The Technology Behind Slive-4U

Let’s take a minute to look at the technology behind the Slive-4U, the Bluetooth waterproof speaker that offers more than one power source. Take a look at the device’s two power sources, S-Power and iS-Power, and what makes them such assets to this emergency phone charger and radio: Read More

S-Bubble: The Incredible Floating Bluetooth Speaker

If you’ve always longed to listen to music while soaking in the tub without potentially ruining sound equipment via water droplets, consider your speaker prayers answered! Check out the S-Bubble from Slive Direct and its many amazing benefits: Read More

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