The Way to Enjoy Your Bath

- New Release

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The Way to Enjoy Your Bath

A Floating Bluetooth Speaker


Let you truly enjoy music when taking a bath

A completely waterproof design

Lighting-Up Water LED

Awesome sound quality

Long-lasting battery life

Yes, it floats!

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S-Bubble2: A Great Floating and Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoy Listening to your Favorite Songs while taking a bath using S-Bubble2..!

If you need waterproof and floating Bluetooth speaker, then looks like that you don’t not need to search for more because we, at Slive exist in order to help you regarding on this matter. We knew that looking for Bath Bluetooth floating speaker is tough since no one manufacture this type of product. In line with this, we took the courage and challenge to develop products that will enable more people to listen on their favorite songs while taking a bath.

If you search for best waterproof Bluetooth speaker, this is now the right time to consult us. We are very happy to inform you that we’ve finally developed the Bluetooth and floating speaker that you can actually use while you are taking a bath. You also could use S-Bubble2 as Bluetooth shower speakers as well. We take pride on this product because we are the only one who successfully developed a product like this. Development of this product was indeed a milestone achievement for our entire team.

As the product’s slogan suggests "The way to enjoy your bath", we guarantee that it is safe to use our product even if you are taking a bath. We actually designed this product so that clients can use it in the water. In USA, we are very proud that Slive is the only company that discovered and manufactured a product like this.

For sure, you are very interested to know more about S-Bubble2, features of this product are listed below:

  1. S-Bubble2 actually has an excellent system that enables it to float. It is considered as a unique feature of this product.
  2. It has an excellent mechanical system that enables it to work efficiently while in the water. It will not sink because of its draining system. Through this system, the device will automatically drain off water. We successfully developed a product like this because of our thorough research and performance testing.
  3. It is waterproof. It means that you can use it efficiently without worrying about its efficiency.
  4. It also has excellent and stunning Bluetooth range. The LED strip of this product is also great.
  5. We guarantee that this product is safe. It is one main reason why we decided not to use Lithium. The product uses AAA batteries in order to ensure safety and comfort of users.
  6. This product releases stunning sound system that will help you obtain a good time while listening to your favorite music.

So, if you are interested to buy our S-Bubble2, feel free to contact us. Beware of fake items. It is one main reason why we highly recommend that you buy S-Bubble2 only from an authorized selling platform such as Amazon. Please contact us when buying S-Bubble2 so that we can notify you whether the store is legit or not. It is highly recommended that you directly buy S-Bubble2 at Slive. For more details, feel free to contact at support@slivedirect.com. We guarantee that we will accommodate and answer all your inquiries.